Giving it a whirl!

i suppose this will become musings from my desk, or rather the file cabinet that is currently my desk as my actual desk is full of STUFF...client related stuff, non-client..., a cat, a mask, a lamp, some invoices... anyhow, i always find amusement in the "not so amusing" behind the scenes on projects or entrepeneurship or life in general and now I've decided to share...hope you are as amused/bemused as I am.


i am whirling a lot these days with all sorts of ideas in my head...ikebana, cushions, furniture, web design, galleries, networks...ARGHHHH...slow-down, the studio wasn't built in a day. or was that rome? regardless, like the wheels on my newly purchased second-hand bicycle, my head seems to be spinning with all sorts of thoughts on how to get to that next level. and while my brain struggles to process all these ideas all the time, i manage to only get about 1% accomplished or about a centimeter closer to my goal. hmph!!! well... not really. i really am not discouraged. i know everything will EVENTUALLY happen exactly how i envision it...look at the new website ( as an e.g.: i started out last year introducing myself to you on the www and i pretty much just threw everything plus the kitchen sink at you to get myself noticed. and it worked. but it wasn't quite how i envisioned it. but NOW i feel more streamlined (again maybe its the influence of the bicycle)...and i believe it shows in the site. and this i believe is how i will get all my ideas accomplished...after lots of whirling...and EVENTUALLY.

in the meantime i will continue to whirl...i suggest you do the same.