props to my peeps

i am very impressed by the latest addition to my vendor list.  a corian and solid surfaces specialist located in downtown brooklyn (yay brooklyn!).  its run by various island people and came highly recommended by corian!  to make a long story short, an issue with the client's counter top got handled in a VERY professional and prompt manner and I must say I am very impressed with the service.  so much so that i did not mind the two days of running around to make sure this got resolved FAST.  kudos to Marsha, Arthur, and Eton!

that aside I just want to state that one of my business goal's is to seek out local business and those run by people of colour in and around Brooklyn.  aside from supporting my "neighbours" i do say its very environmentally and socially conscious.  yes!  ishka designs has more than just a beautiful slogan.

now all i need to do is to remember to drive less, ride the bicycle more and to not shy away from public transportation.  that said, tomorrow i am off to LI on the LIRR, park slope on the bike and hopefully by the end of the week to cycle all the way to the beach...without to join???