who knew?

I sure didn't.  Was I just in denial? too lazy? too Caribbean (will follow up on this statement shortly)? For those who don't know, Prospect Park is absolutely beautiful.  While I've been privy to this well known fact, I've been a terrible at taking full advantage.  What's really terrible is that it is my back yard.  And while I do take comfort in the fact that at least once a year I set up festivities in honor of my birthday, I really must hold my head in shame that that's the extent of my Prospect Park excursions...until of course, the bike!  

I love my bike.  It is opening up my eyes to a different kind of Brooklyn.  Only today I discovered Nellie's lawn on the way to measure a new client site in Park Slope.  I had to return to eat lunch there with the eagle, squirrel, kids and nannies....where do I fit in you ask?  You tell me.

See for yourself how beautiful it is...

Great, right!?!  Please note "wonderful" bike in the forefront.  Needless to say, I am charging up the laptop as we speak and dusting off the sketch books, as I intend to extend my office all the way to Nellie's lawn.  Meetings in Prospect Park anyone???

Oh, before I forget, let me speak to my comment on being too Caribbean to appreciate parks.  Growing up near beaches, and more importantly with a backyard, a front yard and in a cul-de-sac really was more than a blessing for me.  It meant I didn't have to leave the confines of my home/street to appreciate nature.  So the thought of going to a park to sit with several hundred strangers to enjoy the great outdoors was lost on me...it was more of a good real estate choice than anything else.  But now...!!!! And btw, did I mention that half the people I zipped past in the park had heavy Caribbean accents?  Clearly this is just a personal thang!!! 

A quick note on design: I am feeling India these days.  Will the client is the question!?!  Anyhow planning to get to the MET soon for further research and inspiration.  

Separately, I  am seriously thinking of heading to Florida in Sept for the Hospitality Expo.  Should definitely be fun...will you be there?