"Efficiently Beautiful" Eco Tip!

I love this one:

"Bring your own chopsticks!" ~ NB

photo credits: NiyaBas.com Photography; set styling: Ishka Designs Inc for indie movie

At our fave Vietnamese restaurant in China Town last eve, we couldn't help but comment again on the awesome and totally unhealthy salt & pepper shrimp, and more importantly the "community-style" setting of chopsticks and cutlery at each table. I definitely think re-usable chopsticks works just as well as cutlery. But why not bring YOUR OWN stylish wooden chopsticks to your next dine out experience?!? And if you're like me and totally in love with Asian culture, you will want to have a pair handy no matter if you are eating: stew fish, escoveitch, rice and peas, curried shrimp, grapes, pasta...

You get the point!