Fly Alternative Studio Solutions

Yep. We are looking to expand this year and have been keeping our eyes out for that perfect studio solution. Here are just a couple options:

1. From architect Pier Hein Eek, a mobile studio. Ceilings could be higher and interior space would def need IDI's personal touch, but its a strong contender :)

Find rest of images here...

2. Thanks to the Kithaus, available from Design Within Reach I could design in some serious style.

Just need to work on where to set up shop...Brooklyn's Prospect Park? The gas station at the intersection of Lefferts, Washington and Flatbush in historical Lefferts Gardens? Hmmm. Actually, think I would prefer the roof top at 50 Lefferts. To ensure I get the Board's approval I would add a roof garden and eco-fy our pre-war beauty!

Now back to reality...