Turquoise looks great with golds!

Maybe I was feeling a bit nostalgic for my homeland Jamaica with its stunningly clear turquoise waters and the wide ranging colours of sand? Maybe it was the thought of the imminent visit from my mom who would have her bags packed with all manner of Jamaican edibles? For whatever reason, I decided to go with the flow and recommend to a recent consult the 2010 trending colour of the year, turquoise.

After scouring the internet for cool turquoise concept images, I came across the coolest of them all! These combinations of turquoise, yellows, and gold are more than inspirational...wish it were my own space to play with. But alas.

I hope the client is equally as inspired and will work in the accents as successfully as I imagine in my head...really hope the resulting concept boards provide a good guideline.

Even threw in some oranges, reds and purples, and it still looks great!

Hope turqs and yellows inspires you.