Materialistic: Must-use post consumer products

In an effort to organize our blog, we are considering creating a theme per day. (So far I like the idea, but I am not making any promises to keep this up on a daily basis!)

So Tuesday shall be "materialistic day", dedicated to products idi cannot wait to use on an upcoming project. As a strong believer in efficiency, sustainability, and the whole 9 yds, I thought the inaugural "materialistic" post should feature products that promote sustainable thinking.

(As an aside, shouldn't it be ingrained in our thinking now to always consider sustainability? Not just in product, but in our actions, our processes, our politics, our economics, our social habits?) While we leave you to ponder this, here are the products we are truly excited about:

1. Wondering what's going to happen to the AA plane that broke into 3 after skidding off NMIA runway in Kingston, Jamaica? Well, it may
very well end up in the next IDI commercial or residential project using Bio-luminum from Coverings Etc. It is made of 100% post consumer recycled aluminum from the hull of retired aircrafts. Its gorgeous and considerate!

2. We love wood. We adore reclaimed wood. Check out these gorgeous textured surfaces from Stone Source!

idi team