So much on my mind...

...these days, and I would like to share it all in concise posts each with their own witty title. But really I don't have the time, so I'm giving just a sneak preview of them all (ok, just two) in this one posting and hopefully as each concept develops, the efficiency and sparkling personality will lead to amazing posts down the road!

First. Its February and its black history month. No news there. But its the 11th and I have yet to mention one black designer/artist that inspires me on my blog. Sad, I think. So to make up for lost time, I've decided to dedicate one day a week for the rest of the year to celebrate a black designer. Ambitious...yes and no. For me, this means a disciplined approach, which I think I've forgotten how to do since I went on sabbatical from dance. But really no, because there are so many amazingly talented black people out there that don't seem to get the deserved publicity, so this should be a breeze. As an up and coming designer myself, I want to focus on the "not-so-famous-yet" designers. I have set the genre criteria to include interior design, architecture, photography and or fashion. I will start next week so keep a watchful eye out. And please, if you have suggestions, feel free to send on the list!

Second. I'm designing a bench and I am calling her Roxie. Its a new approach for me as I am incorporating a bit of metal with the wood. Will post progress shots...very excited.

Three. Last night I hung out with my wonderfully talented neighbor (you'll read about her soon). And as we flipped through a fashion magazine (an indulgence I gave up a while back), I came across a photo of this AMAZING couture outfit. I mean, this thing was just GORGEOUS. As I sat there drooling over the intricacies of the metal cum jewelry armor-like body suit complete with head gear, I couldn't help think that when I die I want to come back as a fashion model just to wear this type of thing. The theatrics of it impactful that I started to imagine how I could create a space around it. I couldn't tear myself away from the page. The designer...

...Mr. Alexander McQueen. RIP.