Materialistic: The Skinny on Rhythm

credits - photos:; design:; jimmy pierre artwork

Today we've got a "little bit o' rhythm and a lot of soul" for you :) While some may choose to do the locomotion and others the two-step, I will happily reminisce on my debut "caught on camera" moment doing the early '90s phenomenon known as the butterfly...but back to the present. Since I cannot seem to make it back to the dance studio at all these days (and oh how the body has been affected) I often have to find my movement inspiration and spatial re-interpretations in not so obvious spaces.

So here's the skinny. One of the 7 principles of design is "rhythm and repetition". While repetition is easy to interpret, rhythm happens to be a lot less so...and I am sure a few of you can relate (haha!). Although the definition sounds straight forward "...[rhythm] is the repetition of elements in a regular pattern", I've found this principle (and only when it comes to design) to be a lot less straight forward.


But if you look carefully at our must-have products today I think you will notice a little bit o' rhythm happening both in the literal sense and in the not so literal design sense. I get a real sense of movement from the swell of the tabla ottomans by Brooklyn designers, imake studio as it picks up the beautiful rhythm of the wolof rug by Malene B., another incredible Brooklyn based designer. I am loving the not so skinny shape of the tabla set covered in gorgeous raw silks, Eri, Muga, and Paat, from the Himalayas. While the not so skinny shape of the wolof rug inspired by people of Senegal and the incredible music and dance that they produce.

To excite the literal sensibilities I found this fun piece of art by Jimmy Pierre which I believe literally embodies today's post heading. The piece appears to still be available at The Gallery of Caribbean Art.

Now don't you feel like dancing?


p.s. - if you want to know the story behind the "caught on camera"...just ask.