ICFF Favourites Part 1: Light & Sound

Flexible, Sculptural and Energy efficient Lights
photo by NiyaBas.com
         photo source: racheloneill.com

Loving this dramatic fixture by Rachel Oneill from Ireland.  The real kicker for me is that it’s made of Velcro. What’s even more compelling is that because its made of Velcro one can actually modify its shape when tired of the current state. Flexible, sculptural and gorgeous. Love this!
photos by NiyaBas.com

And I don’t know what I love more about these fixtures by Grey Pants? The fact that they are made from repurposed corrugated boxes? Or that the prices are unbelievably affordable? Looking forward to specifying these lovelies. Quick note, loved the signage at the booth.
 photo source: www.mioculture.com

Speaking of eco-conscious lighting, the Bendant Lamp by Mio is ingeniously made of a singular sheet of metal and flat packed to reduce shipping costs and weight.  Again, flexibility reigns, as you get to decide just how you want the piece to look once its unpacked.
photo source: scottdanieldesign.com

Light as sculpture? If you say yes, then you will appreciate these interesting textural lamps by Scott Daniel.

Audio (Non) Visual

These two ideas for speaker systems are really cool! The invisible loudspeaker by Amina is the interior designer’s answer to electronics. These babies are built into the wall with no indication on the outside as to their existence except for the perfect sound it produces.  Would put up a picture but there’s nothing to see! Check it out here
photo source: fromthesourceny.blogspot.com

Not everyone wants to cut into the walls unfortunately. So why not insert your powerful mini speakers into a beautiful naturally sculpted chunk of wood? Thanks to From the Source right here in Brooklyn, we can do just that.