The significance of Four Hundred & Twenty Two

Question: Curious minds are asking...what's the significance of 422?

IDI: We recently started a facebook "like" page, originally known as the fan page. We don't like to give ourselves extra work but apparently Facebook has no problem with that :)  They have somehow made the group pages, including our wonderful Ishka Designs group page, less relevant. Now it kinda sorta feels like we are starting from scratch, trying to gain support and love even though we've been well supported and loved by all of our 422 group members from the group page. When we published our fan page we had 422 group members and we are really hoping that we are able to convert them to 422 "like" page members in short order. We're even giving a little bit of incentive to convert from groupies to fans. When our numbers hit 422, one of the 422 fans will win a special prize!

So there you have it. There's no statistical relevance, no relation to the golden section or the fibonacci series, although that would've been cool. Its not complicated. Quite simple in fact...

So, do you like Ishka Designs?