World Cup Focus: Argentina is Fire + Ice

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In our opinion, Argentina really doesn't need to cry for anybody.  When it comes to football and design, they have extraordinary talent; they are like fire + ice, or at least fire + water in the case of this blog. On our mission to select 3 countries that represent both phenomenal football talent and breathtaking design, we were elated to find the work of Argentinian architect, Andres Remy. Throughout his body of work, his use of water, glass, and form to move light through space is simply "efficiently beautiful".  Take a look at the waterfall house (brilliant) and the black house (inspired by the waterfall house) for what we can only describe as hot to death!

P.S. - some of you may recall our search for the dream bathroom with the super shower, well we think the waterfall house comes dangerously close.  Do you think the neighbours would care if we showered outside everyday if we lived here? We personally think they'd want to join us!

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Speaking of hot to death, have you been paying attention to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa? Well we have (a little too much some might add). But its all good fun and only happens every four years, so we figure we are allowed. For those of you who have been engrossed in the games, are you as excited as we are to see how much more fire the Argentinians are bringing to the game? I mean we really need to say more?

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This has been the World Cup of upsets, which truly makes for a great competition.  Despite these continued upsets, we strongly believe that Argentina's chances for reaching the finals look very good!  Fire!!!!!  What say you?