World Cup Focus: German teamwork + harmony

If you read our Brazil post, then you know Germany should've been post #2 of the world cup focus. But alas, we got carried away with the South American excitement. Ah well! Anyhow, as the dust settles on what can only be described as the most dramatic quarter-finals ever, we return our attention to the Allemania boys with their totally unselfish teamwork and amazingly tight short game (sorry ladies, I really didn't mean to say tight shorts, but those hot to death black jerseys designed by German company, Adidas, are a different matter altogether though). Watching them play is like watching superior German design at work, i.e. BMW and Mercedes Benz.
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While searching for interesting German interiors, I definitely wanted to find fluidity, harmony, and precision in keeping with the German's 2010 football style of play. However, what I found and fell in love with is the Das Kranzbach, a wildly eclectic spa-hotel in the Bavarian Alps, that has a strangely harmonious feel to it and a definite sense of fluidity.  The design kudos belong to London-based designer Ilse Crawford.

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**My favourite parts are the tufted seats, which look a lot like a recent find (below) at a vintage warehouse in Brooklyn.  Pity we had to walk away from it.**
awesome find!
Not sure when we'll make it to Germany, much less the Bavarian Alps, but we are close to 100% sure that when we get there we'll be doing some post celebrations for the 2010 world cup champs! :)