3 years and counting...a labour of love.

Backyard Project #2 2010

The past 3 years has seen sacrifice like no other. Can you imagine shifting careers completely or giving up 75% of your wardrobe (including shoes), 50% of your living space, and countless vacation opportunities?  Well to start, that's what is has been like.  And the project highlighted below kinda encapsulates the effort, the drive, the starry eyed moments, the countless arguments, the bitter-sweet results, and the truly gratifying goal-driven determination that has led Ishka Designs to where it stands today.
the backyard a year and a half ago (a mish mash of furniture and weeds)
For two and a half weeks this summer, NB and I committed to little else but a 484 sf. space in Brooklyn. The project was a true testament to an odd combination of OCD and love. Love for the outdoors, design, and determination, manifesting as behaviour hell-bent on perfection and completion.
a not so pleasant view out the kitchen window a few weeks ago 
In this backyard space, we did all the laborious tasks ourselves including bag sand, lift sand, dig trenches, break bricks, displace dirt, haul pavers, lay pavers, dodge mosquitos, kill mosquitos.  We got intermittent help on the weekends and a couple of weekdays but it was definitely a Bascom-led learn-as-you-go affair with micro-detail and said OCD behaviour left up to moi.  We shall not get into the muscle-building activities, killer tan detail, achy bodies, torn body parts, and days of unwelcomed mud that kept the house and yard more than attractive.
AC helped with the digging a tad, but it really was all NB
weed and grass removal best left to typical artist "ocd" personality
NB handy work again
all covered up and ready for the ton of sand &...
pavers &...
an obssessive stone layer
At the end of the day we lost sneakers, exercise clothes, and part of our sanity. Not to mention the gazebo idea, the seat height stone walls, and the soothing water feature ;)  But what emerged is a very serene, relaxing space where tongues have loosened up, hearts have opened up, and where nothing else on the property matters as much as this newly re-defined space.  And in a sense, that's how Ishka Designs has developed - through back-breaking work, tons of ideas, on the fly decisions, sharing, caring, lofty dreams and rude awakenings.  And what we are left with to date is an ENORMOUS sense of accomplishment with more beauty, continued commitment and further growth to look forward to.

backyard project #2 complete with a better view from the kitchen :)
All photos by NiyaBas.com

Full album coming soon to ishkadesigns.com.

happy anniversary from us to you,