Materialistic: Gaga for Googoo (Baby Furniture)

Been working on a nursery project and "boy" what a challenge. Designing for kids (and the elderly) is such a delicate matter. Function reigns supreme, as it should, but I find sometimes to the detriment of form.  Anyhow, I've come across a few pieces that I would purchase right now for myself sans baby.  I mean seriously, ditch the topper on this Nurseryworks changing table and you are looking at one gorgeous, to-die-for dresser/sideboard!

Canterbury Changing Table (
I also am eyeing these rockers that could do double duty elsewhere in the house:
Gaivota Rocking chair by Objekto (
Beautiful modern wicker chair, SP210 by Shawn Place
Antonio Citterio by B&B Italia
And if you want to break the bank in some serious style...
Gorgeous rocking chair by Vladimir Kagan
FYI, the project is coming together nicely despite not specifying any of these pieces. In the meantime, I am getting accustomed to color, color, color thanks to pattern, pattern, pattern.  Kinda anxious to see the outcome...