Mmmmm, cupcakes!

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Occasionally we get a chance to do fun stuff...uhm, I mean other kinds of fun stuff.  Interiors (and exteriors) are loads of fun, but work can get mundane at times.  So we definitely relish these opportunities when they arise.  And maybe instead of relish, I'll take these with ice-cream, a couple candles, and sing me happy birthday or whatever will ya?
farmer's market strawberries right next to "black bottom" & "red velvet" flavours

Well anyway, take a gander at these scrumptious photos taken by our Niya Bascom and styled by yours truly.  And please note: everything on the plate (and pan) was edible and edible, we did do :)
edible flowers...
all lined up & ready to munch...
introducing the "carrot" flavour...
cupcake martini anyone?!!!
mmm mmm mmmmm!
Cheesecake Cupcakes by Delightful Flavours, Queens NY

Hungry yet?  Our friends at Delightful Flavours have told us these delectable cupcakes will be coming to a supermarket near you soon enough.  We can't wait...can you?