Phase 2 - Surprise Surprise!

Sneak Peek
With the clients satisfied with the design solution, we were onto phase 2 - the implementation phase.  Our first stop was to clear the backyard and get that bare canvas we designers love.  Aside from the organic, we found some other interesting elements that had to go, including fake flowers and plastic chairs.
knotweeds begone!
interior demolition is usually the easy back-breaking part...
but apparently backyard demo is the heart-breaking kind! 
In our opinion, the hardest part about landscape design is clearing the space.  If you love nature then you understand. We felt like we were massacring the earth, so much so that I kept apologizing to the displaced earthworms and snails and making sure that they were relocated to safer pastures, kinda like the movie 7 Years in Tibet.
so cute
But some of the stuff had to go as some crazy roots were causing damage to the existing concrete slabs. Sounds odd even as I type it...maybe what needed to go was the concrete slabs (but that story is for the next phase)!  Our interesting discovery in the centre bed was a massive root of a long dead tree sitting just below the surface...
only a part of a root
never-ending roots
like I said...never-ending
Then came the real surprise!  With all the dense growth and junky stuff to hide the existing layout, we now discover that the back bed had a different shape than originally thought.  An "L". Interesting. And to make this discovery more surprising, there was a drastic sloping by the short end of the "L", where we needed some of our lounge seating to go.  With a restricted budget, our thoughts were to redesign the layout around these issues.  But with a bit of dialogue the clients decided to keep the design solution and allow us to resolve the issues - a.k.a., shore up the slope (we learnt later that we still needed to keep some sloping for drainage) and get rid of the short stem on our "L".
look ma, we found the rose bush!!!...and an "L"?
sad to say the hydrangeas did not make it :(
an empty middle bed (...or so we thought)
finally our blank canvas.

Next post: phase 3 - heavy lifting and a killer tan.