Welcoming Baby J!

All photos by NiyaBas.com Photography
The little munchkin decided to come a few weeks before we were ready with his room, but lucky for us we were just a few minor "hiccups" away from completing his vibrant and stimulating nursery.  This project definitely had a couple of firsts for us:
1. Our 1st nursery decor and
2. Our 1st serious exploration with colours and patterns. I mean we've experiemented with colour and we've tried on pattern, but never had the two collide at maximum velocity before.  At least that's how it felt to us as Baby J's room began to take shape!

The inspiration for his room came from the idea of sports, but it is a far cry from sporty.  Taking the concept of "the net", we abstracted various diamond and square patterns to create an explosion of colour and an almost obnoxious experiment with pattern.
We were inspired by these beautiful quilts by Denise Schmidt Quilts. And its funny, our experiment definitely led us down an interesting path, moving from safe and neutral to zany and fun! Much like the order of the quilts on our inspiration board!
A few things we want to talk about with respect to this project that don't really get highlighted on our website. Firstly, the most beautiful feature of our client's home is its age (over 100 years) and the amazing woodwork that has been preserved.  However, with the exception of the fireplaces, we felt baby J's floor somehow got robbed of that artistry. In an effort to tie back to the rest of the house and add a bit more reference to our concept we added white mouldings to frame the custom wall hangings and to provide contrast.
Even the molding aids in the patterning.
For us, styling a kid's room who hasn't even reached 3 weeks old is a toughie. We didn't want to put "our" stamp on him, as we feel that's for the parents.  But if you've ever been a new parent, you know that with the first arrival your primary concern is the major items, breast feeding, and a good night's sleep. The seemingly small stuff is secondary.  So when it came time to shoot the room we realized we had to get a few of those "small" things to give it a personality. And apparently we hit that nail on the head.  Our vintage finds were a hit but our fave was this quirky hearth accessory.  In his unfinished state, we knew there was a fun character waiting to shine.  We brought him to life by removing his shovel and stoke, adding some paint and a tie, sitting him down and creating a real life stick figure.
(l) vintage blocks in a vintage miracle whip jar; (r) our real life stick figure is also a Yankees fan
Pattern and colour ended up everywhere balanced by strong furniture pieces that will transition with baby J as he gets older.  Overall, exercising restraint enabled us to breathe a sigh of relief with our end result:
Baby J's room
Find the rest of the nursery "here", but be sure to come back to the post and tell us what you think.

We strongly believe baby J will be more than stimulated in his new room.  And we are very happy that our youngest client ever allowed us to play with colour and pattern in a way that is beyond our comfort level.  We really dig the end result...do you?