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We've been very busy of late juggling a few projects, working out some media strategies and specifying like crazy. To be honest, I haven't really been neglecting the blog - I do have many ideas swirling in my head that need to be penned - we just really haven't had the time to do it.  However, I felt it only appropriate to come up for air for a few moments before the month ends to focus on a very special topic: the fight against breast cancer.  "Hmmm," you say, "did Ishka Designs just hop on the pink bandwagon?".  "YES!", we say loud and proud.
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I must admit that I did not have any real idea or really any intention of doing a blog on aiding this fight. But a few things happened recently that pushed me in this direction:

Incident No. 1. While taking my early morning 5 minutes to flip through the mounting pile of magazines laying about the apartment, I came across this project by french team, Gilles & Boissier.  It really didn't move me until my eyes fell upon the incredible glass walls lining the halls of french restaurant design renovation, (La Villa) all of which were...get this...PINK!  I blinked a couple of times, after all it was early morning, then read the print. Yes, the designers chose to use pink toned glass panels to create visual interest and direction throughout the space.  Brilliant! That's what I call taking a chance with color.  But was that really how they saw it? Is the use of pink in anywhere other than a little girl's bedroom, really taking a chance?  And did they really think that the color would attract enough attention as to lead people on a journey to discover the rest of the space? It got me intrigued...
gorgeous, I think
pink glass perfectly offsets the mouldings on the limed wood panels
Pink panels inviting us around the corner
Photos by Eric Laignel for Interior Design magazine
Incident No. 2. My second prod, came while shopping with my client this past Sunday.  Strolling through the streets of SoHo trying desperately to ignore all the clothing and shoe temptations, I came across this sign:
Whoa! Is the universe trying to tell me something?
...and finally, Incident No. 3. After having one of those really brief but impactful conversations on Twitter this morning with Marcy, owner of mid-century modern furniture retailer, Irwin Feld Designs, I misspoke, or rather, misspelled the word pink, inserting a 'U" for an "I". This got me all inspired and thinking, can't pink be strong and yes, punky? There is, after all, the hardcore pop star Pink and Jamaican dancehall artist, Tami Chin, doing just that.
tough Pink Photo by Dave Meyers
Tami Chin, photo by Mark Lidell
But do we have the equivalent of them in interiors?  So I went digging... and after much amusement online, it hit me! I didn't have to go very far or very deep into Google for my answer. I had the answer right here in my first major group project at FIT.  Our group consisting of Lily, Devette, JuYoung, and myself used pink (really fuschia) as the accent to our black & white corporate interior, the head office of a major imaginary magazine.  We wanted to show that pink could be tough, strong and edgy. Our concept? "Bond girl meets Rococo". Funny now, really.
The Editor-In-Chief office designed & drawn by yours truly, rendered by JuYoung and me. Pink accents inspired by Mark Rothko painting and drawings by Amelie Hegradt
Rothko painting
Amelie Hegardt drawing
Black, white & pink inspired the interiors
Shared Office Space, group design, drawing by me, rendered by JuYoung
Elevator bank, a subtle hint of what was to come, design & drawing by me, rendering by JuYoung and I. Remaining project images designed by team members intentionally omitted.
Note: The guest critic could not decide whether he hated or loved it.  Apparently, we disturbed him!!! 
In my effort to post about Breast Cancer Awareness, I really needed an angle.  Or colour as the case may be.  By the time I pulled the post together I realize my interest lay not in the obvious but in understanding the choice of Pink to represent this awareness.  But I think I get it now.  For all the reasons above starting with the restaurant, here's why Pink:
- it's taking a chance, a leap of faith. Maybe so that we'll be led in a direction to find a cure fast, not just for this type of cancer but every.
- it attracts attention (it got me to really wake up that morning and to mentally jar our student critic's thought process), enough so that people want to take notice and do battle with it...fight cancer
- it's femine...and tough all the cancer survivors and non-survivors...and Pink the pop star.
- it stands out amongst the grit and even the glamour (see the sign in SoHo)
- and last but not least, it's strong and edgy - much like any kick-ass Bond Girl, Tami Chin, the flower photo by, and much like the ongoing fight against breast cancer.

As for breast cancer and any cancer for that matter, do what you can today. Visit to learn more. A lot more.