A cozy corner

images by NiyaBas.com photography
It's really rainy today.  Misty, mysterious, and reflective.  The perfect day to find a cozy corner, snuggle up with a warm alpaca blanket from D. Bryant Archie Textiles and read a good book - maybe a well worn favorite by Paulo Coelho.  Yea, I realize it's Tuesday.  But for us in the freelance world, sometimes Tuesdays are our Sundays.  
blanket by dbryantarchie.com; The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho; hot chocolate by MarieBelle; chocolate tea by St. Mary's Cooperative 
So where better to snuggle up than in this charming corner vignette styled by IDI featuring this vintage bergère, re-upholstered in rich chocolate-y chenille from Kravet.
our favourite cozy corner
close-up of fab Kravet fabric
we refinished the wood with a glossy neutral to pick up the tiny dots in the chocolate fabric
images by NiyaBas.com Photography
Speaking of chocolate, maybe we should also cozy up with a pint sized steamy cup of thick hot chocolate from Mariebelle café in SoHo, or a cup made from scratch using only the best Jamaican chocolate from St. Mary Cooperative*.  Either way, add a touch of your favorite liqueur, and we are well on our way to dreaming of endless possibilities, successes, and perfect escapes.
*Sidenote: On my mission to find a fantastic image of Jamaican hot chocolate I came across this amazing post on St. Mary's Co-operative: sustainable tourism in Jamaica providing jobs for women. KUDOS!

Stay warm and cozy,