Efficiently Beautiful Design should be a Lifestyle...

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Yay! We penned our first design article "Efficiently Beautiful Decorating Should be a Lifestyle" for one of the smartest eco-friendly magazines catering to the Caribbean, ECCO magazine.  I am really proud of the founder, Shelley Dunkley, for attempting to change the mindset of our people.  Our beautiful islands are green but we need to make sure that they stay that way for a very long time to come.  Go Shelley!

Here's a brief intro into the article with a link to the page on ECCO magazine's latest issue:

"Growing up I saw my mom take some seemingly inane actions to "save money". My most vivid of these was the time she bought rum and raisin ice-cream in bulk and stuck it in the freezer. "When's the party and what's it for?" we asked. After all, it wasn't summer when we all celebrated birthdays nor was it Christmas when we would donate to the church Sunday school party. No, it was just the ultimate in economical shopping. Truth be told, it felt like an eternity passed waiting on those 5 GALLONS of rum and raisin to be depleted so I could get back to eating grapenut, vanilla, or chocolate :(  But these were the days when buying in 3's to lower your overall shopping bill had come into vogue in Jamaica. And my mom for what it's worth, realized that one container with five gallons was more efficient than three 1-gallon containers in the fridge. Nowadays, we call this efficient packaging! 

Other similar activities became the bane of our existence at home..."

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