Looking ahead Part 1: To Produce or Not

We are designers. We create. Constantly thinking about invention or re-invention. And for the most part, monetization. We've been toying with the idea of line extensions for a long time. Actually, if we really think about it, for both Niya and myself, Ishka Designs is actually an extension of a brand we've been individually developing for a very long time. Long before we knew each other. From the creation of a line of handbags, to t-shirts, dresses, and customized bicycle finishing we've both been busy creating. Culminating at this juncture with Ishka Designs, creating floor plans, conceptual designs and custom pieces for residential and businesses a like.
Custom Concrete Sink. Commercial installation. Design by Ishka Designs 2009. All images by NiyaBas.com Photography
Ishka Designs Custom Concrete Sink. Top view. 2009
So why stop at just interior design?

Since Ishka Designs' incorporation, the focus has strictly been on interiors.  Luckily, we've also had the pleasure of custom designing and building several pieces of furniture and fixtures, leading us to consider the production of our own line.  But...and it's a big but...
Bedroom storage during installation.  Design by Ishka Designs. 2008
Bedroom completed.  Design by Ishka Designs. 2008
Opposite wall in progress.
Opposite wall fully installed.  Design by Ishka Designs. 2008
Our concerns don't lie in the obvious, such as consumer satisfaction and demand, first to market, targeted segmenting, distribution and pricing or even production, sourcing and manufacturing issues.  It gets a bit more philosophical than that:

Have you ever asked yourself why so many versions of any one product exist on the shelf?  We have and increasingly all the time.  We read magazines, shop online, go to exhibits, showrooms, and retail stores and while we adore a lot of what we see, there's always that nagging feeling in the back of one's head regarding excess.  The more we consider our place, impact on the world around us, the less inclined we are to enter the realm of production unless it's absolutely necessary.  As we've mentioned before, we've custom designed and built.  But primarily when nothing else will do whether limited by existence, cost, availability or even accessibility.  To appease ourselves, we pat ourselves on the back for creating a job for a local carpenter, upholsterer, painter and ourselves.  We are, too, proud of our product.  But does this mean that we should put this into production to convince someone who may not need yet another item, that they should purchase ours? Or take up space in a store, on a shelf, or in a catalogue online?  To potentially get rich...absolutely yes.  To do our part for the world...maybe not.
Wet Bar/Media Unit installed.  Design by Ishka Designs. 2008
Wet Bar/Media unit. Design by Ishka Designs. 2008
So right now, we are settling for custom design on an as needed basis.  We will also continue to explore vintage, flea market, and garage sale finds to tinker with, upcycle, re-upholster, revitalize without our conscience getting the better of us.  Maybe one day, sooner than we think, something will change.

Happy new year,
idi team