Fashion Fair Inspiration: Celebrating Eunice Johnson

I had just caught the bus at Herald Square late yesterday afternoon.  I was in a mad rush to try and catch the last of the New York International Gift Fair at the Javits Center after a day of meetings, phone calls, emails, and site inspections.  As we took off down 34th Street, seating myself on the Macy's side of the bus, something caught my attention.  Well maybe I should re-phrase... something jolted me into a reaction akin to those "eureka!" moments best left for the likes of geniuses and such.  Ok, so I am not about to tell you that I discovered the cure for cancer or anything dramatic like that.  A lot simpler and a bit shallow, if I must really admit it, but if you are a visual person and fashion yourself an artist, you may understand what I am about to say.  What I saw in the Macy's display window so vividly grabbed my attention that for the next 10 minutes or so on the bus I was literally caught up in an amazing dream-like experience (I suppose you'd call it an inspirational wave of sorts).  So what caught my attention you ask?  Well, this little beauty I say:
mine...all mine!!!
Isn't she divine?!?  Well I sure thought much so that I began to envision myself getting ready to walk down the aisle, the red carpet, you name it, with my hair piled high on my head, make-up done to a tee by Petra Alexander, and just well you know...having a moment.  A helluva one!
Anyhow, after catching about 20 minutes at the Javits, missing Pier 94 altogether (more on that), I decided I needed to head back over to Macy's to investigate the stunner.  I mean, this dress just had to be mine no matter what.  Dying with excitement and anticipation I walk up to the window, calculating how many projects I need to work on to pay off for the dress, and there in small print reads the words "archived collection".  Disappointed?  To say the least.  Feeling slighted?  Not at all.  As disappointment dissipated I realized I was discovering something wonderful: Eunice Johnson.  Co-founder of Ebony and Jet magazines, creater of Fashion Fair cosmetics (which I probably never used) and it's namesake, the Fashion Fair travelling show.  Read more about Eunice Johnson in the New York Times and at Ebony magazine.  A fashion and media-icon, trail blazer, and a definite inspiration to female entrepreneurs.  
exquisite detailing on the bodice and skirt 
my second favourite!  stunning orange applique with sheer inserts...can you say HOTTTTT!!!!!!!!
in love.
It's black history month here in the United States.  Who are you celebrating?