Functional Art Part 2: AD Home Show 2011

Nick Davis exhibit at ADShow2011; photo: NiyaBascom Photography
Once upon a time I was fascinated with feet.  A dancer thing?  I don't know.  Odd or not, I found them to be quite intriguing.  All shapes and sizes.  Of course, my favourite were those of my nephew, but then again all of him is still my favourite.  NB has borne witness to my obsession and even once suggested I exhibit the photographs that I had amassed over several months.  We even came up with how I would exhibit them...I just needed to do it.  I've since grown out of this odd fetish, sort when I turned the corner at the trade show and saw this amazing spectacle it brought a huge smile to my face and an incredulous one to NB's.
photo: NiyaBascom Photography
Nick Davis, the amazing artist behind The Foundry, told us in our mini discussion about his own fascination with feet and hands.  As an artist he constantly draws them, which I guess evolved into sculpting these awesome pieces.  Fascinating.  As I glimpsed one of the hands holding up a coat, I couldn't help wonder about their functional purpose in the interior environment.  For me, these bronze sculptures would be ideal in a retail space...and then again, just as at home in someone's flat.  What do you think?
photo: NiyaBascom Photography
BTW, my idea for the exhibit of my feet photos?  Let's just say Nick's presentation comes awfully close to it.  Different medium, same premise :)