To Come in 2014

Blink.  It's almost the end of January.  Seriously?  Can we get a quick rewind please?  You know the kind that gives us back maybe a week or two.  Unbelievable.  Time is really flying...but I guess that happens when you are busy.  With new projects, ongoing projects, classes, events, meetings etc., its been quite a whirlwind at the officina.  Definitely a good thing!  No complaints.  No sir-eee.  As a matter of fact, the energy is high and positive and we are loving it.

With that in mind, we wanted to do a first and share a couple of looks from our latest projects.  These two projects commenced in the heart of December, when practically everything, except us, grounded to a halt for the holidays.  So while the first 3 weeks of January have been a blur, it's been par for the course since December.  Not a bad start to the new year we think!

A 3-bedroom apt transformation...more details to come.  Rendering and design property of Ishka Designs Inc.  All rights reserved.

An apartment facelift inspired by a Matisse...lots more details to come.  Rendering and design property of Ishka Designs Inc. All rights reserved

Backing up a bit, we completed and photographed one of our best projects to date last year.  Here's but a peek at the final outcome.  More to come.

The serene nursery.  

Niya Bascom Photography

In addition to working on projects, we are taking time to work on Ishka Designs too.  We were one of a few firms chosen to be a part of the Tory Burch Foundation/Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, a 5.5 month entrepreneurial program focused on women-owned businesses.  An excellent but time consuming program that has given nothing but golden nuggets since we commenced classes back in October.  New insights and fresh perspectives are exactly what we need to get re-energized about IDI.

All told, 2013 definitely had its moments, challenges and successes.  Midway we dubbed it the "closed mouths don't get fed year" in addition to having adopted a "balls to the wall" attitude from the jump.  For 2014, we are seeking to add to the mantras...any you'd like to share?  What is your attitude for 2014?  This is the year for serious growth and we say bring it.  Ready for the ride?

One love,


P.S. - apparently there might be a slight undertone to this post, what with the specific title and mantra...purely unintended.