Art + Design Studio: Kat Hyppolite

To meet Kat of Kat Flower is to love her.  A beautiful pixie channeling her creativity into the art of floral design.  We met up with this fun loving lady in her spacious studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn as she assembled arrangements for an upcoming event.  We chatted about everything including her return to marathon training, her envy-inducing travel itinerary and her amazing sense of style.  All this while she deftly worked her tools making it seem as though the flowers were telling her exactly how they needed to be showcased.  Read along to get a glimpse of this super-multi-talented, diminutive woman:

Pick one: rock climbing, bungee jumping, hand gliding, base jumping or kite surfing

umm...none of the above as i am afraid of heights. any outdoor/extreme activity requires that both feet remain firmly and confidently planted on terra firma.

Share with us the location of your storefront/showroom and what led you to open it?

my studio is in crown heights, just eight blocks from my home -- my commute to work is enviable.  achieving some sort of balance between my professional and personal became increasingly important. having the studio helps me keep them separate and i'm happier.  

What was the influence behind it's design and layout?

not sure if there's much design but I wanted to make the layout as open as possible, more so because i didn't want to block the studio's beautiful light. i work in color so white walls are optimal. the only color i assigned to the space was the wall that designates my personal workspace -- my favorite color is blue and i love all shades but the turquoise wall reminds me of the crystal clear and serene waters of southern Haiti, where my family is from.

Is the storefront/showroom the ultimate dream?  If no, tell us how big you are dreaming?

this studio is most certainly not my final destination. thinking and dreaming of bigger and better things, some of which will be revealed soon...

Pick one: bike, car, bus, train

gonna go with plane...

What country/state/city/neighbourhood do you live in?  How did you end up there?

i live in prospect heights brooklyn. i was born in crown heights {essentially three blocks away} and moved back to the area 13 years ago.

If you could live/work somewhere other than your current country, where would it be and why?

i love, love, love new york and she's in my blood so i could never ever leave her forever. But i fantasize about living/working in some remote archipelago, maybe in the Mediterranean or somewhere far enough away to rejuvenate, refresh and change my eye.

What was your last trip overseas?  Why did you go there?

i visited haiti, where my parents and family are from. had a brilliant time.

Has your cultural background influenced your design sensibilities?

being of caribbean descent means i have an inherent love of color. i think i have a good understanding of color and tones and have fun with it.

We love your work because we feel it sets trends rather than follows.  But you most likely have designer(s) that influence your work.  Who are they? 

i'm inspired by too many designers to name and influenced by so much -- from the arts, fashion, food, architecture, interior design, dance, nature, landscape, typography, people, to color, texture, shape. the dutch masters, constance spry, vintage african textiles, new york, my mother, musée d'orsay, 90s hip hop, farmers' markets, irving penn, vines along the side of buildings, madame grès, yves saint laurent, jeanloup sieff, claude monet come to mind...

What inspires you and why?

think I answered that previously but I am inspired by life, this world and all the possibilities 

How much emphasis do you place on environmental impact in the production of your designs?

this is a difficult question because there is so much waste in my field.  i try to buy as much local product as possible, when possible and i stay away from environmentally dodgy materials like floral foam.

Pick one: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

such a difficult question because i have love for each season for very different reasons but i'll go with spring AND fall -- both for their bounty of flowers and options.

How has your personal style evolved over the years?  

i wore a uniform from 8-17 and my mother is convinced that i am constantly making up for lost time. my style hasn't changed much over the years -- always worked with what I had, still love vintage {i like having the only fill-in-the-blank}, stripes, big earrings and a bad shoe. maybe i have embraced prints and trainers more...

Pick one: cons, Louboutins, Frye or Havianas?

i don't wear louboutins and their ilk as much now that i'm a floral designer; trainers and clogs are more the everyday but i will remain a lover of a major heel.

Pick one: Hip Hop, Rock, Classical, Reggae or Pop

all of it! but classical when i'm driving...

When did you choose design as a career and why?

i embarked on this journey five years ago. previously i was an events director {so I worked with designers} and wanted synergy between where I was and where I was going.  

Was there ever an alternative career choice?  If yes, what was it? 

other than being an international bad-ass a la james bond, i am living my dream.

If you have 24 hours left to live, what would you do with it? 

love up my family and friends

What is your favorite meal?  Can you cook it?  

my favorite meal is one born from a farmers market in the summer -- fresh vegetable and salad fixings, fish, herbs, cheese, juicy fruit. light enough that you can overeat with no regret...

What is the best date you've ever been on?

the best dates are the ones where you love the company and time crawls and flies all at once. can be with a lover, your bestie, yourself...

To see Kat's amazing designs, visit her at or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.